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TrustNetz - Secure Communication with Lawyers

In recent years, lawyers, physicians, journalists and some other professions that are subject to an obligation to maintain professional secrecy in the interest of their clients, patients or informants, have seen their professional secrecy being insidiously undermined. The community of lawyers is vehemently fighting that trend - be it at the national, European or international level. But what is the purpose of maintaining secrecy when modern electronic communication between clients and lawyers is not immune from hacking? It has probably never been easier to spy on or sabotage the means and channels of communication of others. 

The community of lawyers has taken up this challenge together with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Chamber of Notaries and developed a secure, encrypted and confidential electronic communication network called "TrustNetz". The system not only helps to prevent eavesdropping and trade-related espionage, but also to improve the workflow of both communicating partners. This also constitutes a decisive locational advantage for Austria. 

In technical terms, the system uses a connection between the electronic legal communication (ELC) system used in every law office for secure communication with the courts and the Economic Chamber's electronic service of process system. For information on how to log in your clients to TrustNetz you may consult for example www.postserver.at. Due to their participation in the ELC system, lawyers are automatically connected to "TrustNetz". 

Both communicating partners may communicate via "TrustNetz" in a discreet, secure and verifiable way without media disruption or additional costs. The costs per message have to be borne by the sender and are EUR 0.95 or EUR 1 (each plus VAT) irrespective of file size. 

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